Saturday May 8th, Korean girl group vocals, 4Minute, held a concert titled Live Energy Vol 1 muzik, in JEPP Tokyo, Odaiba, Japan's. The concert is their first concert, in Japan. they give the best appearance before about 4,000 fans.

Female vocal group formed by the Entertainment Cube, consisting Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, and Sohyun. They bring their hit songs, like Hot Issues, Music, and What A Girl Wants.

In concert, held on Saturdays ago, some members 4Minute, also performed solo. Shohyun, sing the song belongs to Lil mama. In addition, Jihyun sing one song by Beyonce Knowles. Hyuna make the stage more and more heat, by bringing Rihanna's hit Umbrella.

Meanwhile Gayoon bring nuances love, through songs in Snow Flower, from Mika Nakashima. The group is also presenting a fascinating dance performance for the audience. Not least, they present their latest Japanese single entitled muzik.

Japanese public is very enthusiastic welcome 4Minute inaugural concert. It is shown from the mass media who covered the crowded press conference, held by 4Minute before the concert took place. A press conference was attended by around 50 Japanese media, including television stations, such as TV Asahi, TBS and NTV.

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