Afriqiyah Airways plane suffered a horrible accident, fuselage almost without rest. Only small fragments left from the wreckage, and a deep sense of grief, which lags behind Airbus A330-200 is, when they expire at the Tripoli International Airport, dated May 12, 2010. Among the total 93 passengers and 11 crew, only a boy of Dutch origin who survived.

The aircraft take off from the OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa, at around 23:00 GMT. About five hours later, the aircraft with flight number 8U771 it crashed as the plane would land. "Suddenly the plane split when it landed around 6:00 am (04:00 GMT)," said an official at Tripoli.

Libyan Minister of Transport, Mohammed Ali Zidan said that the victims were killed have nationality of Libya, Africa and Europe. Meanwhile in its official statement, the Dutch government reported that 61 citizens were killed in the crash. They also confirmed that the only passenger who survived the Dutch nationality.

"All passengers and crew, unless a child of Dutch nationality, is killed. So far, 96 bodies of people killed had been taken and the rest were evacuated," explained Zidan, as reported by Agence France-Presse. Eight years old boy who was not mentioned by name are now in surgery, because of broken bones are pretty serious.

Libya's government quickly deployed a special team to investigate the cause of the accident aircraft. Because, previously there were no reports of damage and disruption from the technical crew. Especially on that day the weather in Tripoli International Airport is also very nice and bright.

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