Before reaching popularity, origin China boyband M.I.C, had to struggle to attract fans. M.I.C members, namely Wang Hao, Zhao Yong Xin, Tan Jian Ci, Che Yue Han, Xiao Yao Shun, and Cui Lu Jia, brought together through the talent show competition, Migu, which aired on television stations, Dragon TV.

Six of them must follow a number of the audition process, and compete with thousands of people. MIC members survived the first stage and into the next stage, namely the training. When the training session, they are trained to develop the talents, including singing and dancing.

Talent show organizers then decided to unite the six of them, into one group with a M.I.C. Training this boyband summarized in three-minute video. The video showing the process early, before the M.I.C is formed into boyband, such as the selection process, and there is also coverage of their training sessions from 2006 to 2007.

Now, the M.I.C preparing to launch their debut single will be released in May of this month. As a warm up, they signed contract be star in ads from the electronics giant, LG, along with a girl from the Korean vocal group, f (x). They also offered a model, and appeared in entertainment magazines, such as Easy and MILK.

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