Britain, the public has become accustomed to seeing someone dressed in dashing into Downing Street, ten days after the general election. But this year, it did not happen. General elections held on May 6 and quite fierce. So there is no winner who is easy to claim and to enter into the British Prime Minister's Office.

Currently the UK in the hung Parliament situation for the first time since 1974. No political party which managed to get a majority, and the right to form their own governance.

As has been reported by the Telegraph, to get a majority vote, one party must be able to reach 326 seats, out of 650 parliamentary seats. If less than this amount, two of the three parties, should coalition to form government.

Conservative Party (Tory) are predicted to get only 309 seats. Labour Party is predicted to gain no more than 280 seats. While the Liberal Democrats would have predicted only 51 seats.

These results are also not able to ensure that Gordon Brown will lose the seat of prime minister. If there are no political parties that obtain a majority, the Prime Minister who is in power has the right to remain in office, and have a chance to win a vote of confidence from parliament.

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