Dated May 12 is the last day for British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his family to live and has offices in Downing Street 10. Emotional atmosphere that included British Prime Minister farewell ceremony in front of journalists. Thanks and goodbye expressed by Brown, a moment before turning away from the front of the press and went to pick up his wife Sarah and his two sons, John and Fraser. There is no doubting the sincerity of these remarks Brown. Because his face radiates a sense of emotion when kissed his wife and children. Photo journalist did not want to lose these historic moments.

In front of his son and his beloved wife, Brown called his post as Prime Minister is the second job. "And, when I left the second most important job, which I finish, I even appreciate my main job, as a husband and father," he said.

The moment they reach a climax when the camera is facing four journalists, were holding hands and kissing. Brown gives a warm kiss on the forehead his eldest son, John. The family continued to hold hands when walking together, from the yard office of the Prime Minister.

Of the numerous speculations that arise, Brown will head the World Monetary Agency, or the IMF. But that possibility can only happen if Dominique Strauss-Khan, IMF director this time, resigned and moved forward as a candidate for president of France. If you change your mind, so he can totally leave the world of politics and business as well, and spent all his time to family. The IMF has a major task to stabilize currency exchange rates, and accelerate the Development Authority in poor countries. It makes a world economists feel sure, that Brown deserves heads the institution. The position offers tax-free salary of GBP330,160, or twice the take home pay received by Brown when serving as Prime Minister of England.

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