Trading of shares in the world on Friday, 7 May 2010, declined sharply. Same price index plunging on Wall Street, giving effect to the foreign exchanges. In trading, the stock price index number of the major exchanges in Asia and Europe dropped sharply.

In addition to the potential spread of the crisis sparked by Greek debt, which can adversely affect the European economy, a storm in the stock market yesterday was also prompted by the Dow Jones index dropped sharply. The cause of the drop in the Dow Jones is alleged to drastically due to an error in the sale of shares via the computer. A traders intend to sell its stake $ 16 million, but the wrong type to be $ 16 billion.

The error, triggering a selloff in shares of large scale. Although in the end managed to repair. Manager of the New York stock market (Wall Street) states there is no interference with the main computer system. However, there is no justification on the news about the stockbroker was a typo.

Following the developments on Wall Street, equity trading in Asia also declined. at the close of trading today, the Nikkei 225 index in Japan dropped to 331.10 points (3.1 percent), to 10364.59. While in South Korea's stock exchange, the index decreased 2.2 percent, to 1647.54. Hangseng index, the Hong Kong stock exchange, fell 0.7 percent, to 19993.05. While on the Australian stock exchange index, cut 2 percent. Likewise in China, the index decreased by around 1.5 percent.

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