Chelsea has confirmed itself as the Premier League champions 2009/2010. Degree is achieved after, the Blues won 8-0 over Wigan Athletic, the final match, at Stamford Bridge stadium. Results klasmen finals, Chelsea earn 86 points, which means winning one ahead of Manchester United. This is the fourth Premier League title was achieved origin of the London football club. The complete title of the title in 1955, 2005 and 2006.

Chelsea's goal feast to the Wigan Athletic goalkeeper, started by Nicolas Anelka in the sixth minute. Host domination increasingly unstoppable, after one player was sent off by referee Wigan, and Chelsea's penalty kick awarded. Gary Caldwell was sent off by referee, because it violated hard on Frank Lampard. In the first half, Chelsea winning 2-0, then in the second half, Chelsea increased his advantage, so to win 8-0.

While Drogba, successfully won the title of top scorer, after a hat trick. It is the second title for Drogba, after the 2006/2007 season. Chelsea the victory, making the victory MU, over Stoke City, 4-0, become meaningless. Such failures, to diminish ambition MU won four times in succession. Besides MU also had to let the record as the most fertile in the Premier League team. Collections MU record 97 goals in 1999/2000 season, exceeded by Chelsea with 103 goals this season.

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