The bathroom is part of the room house which is moist. Therefore, the bathroom needed cleaning and maintenance routine. If rarely cleaned the bathroom, on the walls and the floors will be easily overgrown by algae and also will be crusty. If the bathroom in your house already overgrown by algae, you do not need to be confused, because have tips that are easy to remove algae from your bathroom.

The way this treatment is to use chlorine. The tips is, evenly sprinkle chlorine on the part of your bathroom which is overgrown by algae, whether it's on the walls, floors or bathroom tub. Then let stand for about half an hour. Not long later, in that part will appear foam, which means that the algae has been lifted. Immediately flush the part using water until clean. Then scrub again using the brush, soap and water. By this care, the algae growing in the bathroom of your home, will be cleaned. Another advantage of bathroom care with this method is can eliminate unpleasant smell and can also kill the germs in the bathroom.

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