Filipino boxer known as Pacman, the more by the end of a career in professional boxing ring. It is caused by her success to become a member of the Philippine congress. From the results of vote counting while, he almost certainly become a member of the Philippine congress.

By becoming a member of congress, the boxer will be increasingly busy, and do not have much time to play boxing again. Because of that he plans to hold a boxing duel in November 2010, as a form of farewell to the world of boxing.

Michael Koncz, Pacquiao financial advisor, say that there is no a potential opponent for the final battle yet. However, it is possible Pacquiao opponent is faced by two large boxers right now, that is Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Antonio Margarito.

Although opponents play is uncertain, but Koncz already provide certainty to place these boxing matches. Ie at Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas, USA. That is where the fight Pacman at the last match in March 2010, as against Joshua Clottey.

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