Since 2001, Mark Webber continues the tradition as a winner in the Spanish grand prix. Formula 1 drivers started the race from the pool until the finish position, a position that is always in front. Thus Mark Webber has managed to get Spain grand prix podium ten times in a row. Although the ability to force the car RB6, Webber almost non-existent rivals such Barcelona circuit. The nearest competitor experienced a problem when approaching the last lap.

Weber's main rival racer on the circuit is Sebastian Vettel. But at the time of pit stops, Vettel finally preceded by Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes). Not only that, Vettel also experienced brake problems when approaching the end of the race car. So that he had to do extra pit stops,  to change tire. When he do last lap, personnel Red Bull repeatedly warned Vettel to be carefully by radio.

With the problems faced by Vettel, Lewis Hamilton should be in second place. But formula one racer is also unlucky. When half a lap before the finish, broke her left front tire. So that he could not control his car and crashed into a safety tire wall. Finally, Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) taking the second position as the winner.

Formula 1 in 2010 will most likely will be very exciting. Because the competition is tight enough points. For the constructors standings, McLaren-Marcedes is at the top standings, with three points ahead of Ferrari (119-116). While for the drivers standings, while Jenson Button winning three points over Fernando Alonso (70-67).

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