Ludcris not want to forget the identity as a musician. Although busy playing movies in the year 2008-2010 (Rock N Rolla, Max Payne, Ball Don't Lie, Gamers, and Repo Man), he still wanted to release a rap album in 2010. Rapper which has full name Christopher Brian Bridges, was issued a Battle of The Sexes album.

The album has become the latest release after the Theatre of the Mind (in 2008). There are 15 tracks on this album that dedicated by Ludacris. The whole track is filled with the rhythms of hip hop is fun and nice to listen.

The singer who also works as a disc jokey it brings a new concept of rap music. Because, he did a lot of exploration on the material. Especially in the lyrics and vocal color. Ludacris even dare to claim that the Battle of the Sexes album, is the material most fresh rap ever made.

Atlanta born man was actually planning to release the album with Shawnna. Their song material has also been prepared since 2008. There are 30 songs that they created. One song called Everybody Drunk, have ever released in the middle of last year. Apparently, the album had to retreat until the year 2010. The reason is Shawnna suddenly decided leave the labels that produced the album, Disturbing Tha Peace, in 2009. However, Ludacris ultimately decided to continue the project and release the album.

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