Preliminary estimates that will be a tight playoff basketball game, it does not apply to the Orlando Magic. Finalists for the NBA season last year was a basketball team that went most smoothly, all the playoffs this season. Seven consecutive wins, had they gained since the first game.

In the semi-finals of the eastern third game, at home to the Atlanta Hawks, Philip Arena, Orlando Magic prove toughness. Dwight Howard and his friends, again won a landslide victory with a score of 105-75. With these achievements, the Magic became only needs just one victory to qualify for the final region.

Since the first game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Magic seemed to show off the skills they possess. The strong defense of Howard, the best defender in 2010, making his opponent is not many. Also Howard is also very productive producing points. Howard contributed 21 points and 21 rebounds for the Orlando Magic.

From the statistics game, ten players who descended coach Stan Van Gundy, all earned points. Magic also showed a good performance in defense. They could make the Hawks could only use 35 percent of the shots they did.

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