Rain, can cause the air temperature in the house became damp. This humid air can cause problems if your wardrobe in the house became damp. Because of the damp wardrobe can make the growth of fungi on stored clothing inside the wardrobe. Usually the occurrence of black spots (in the form of fungi) on clothing, and also release bad smell. Just imagine, what if all the clothes in your closet exposed to the fungus, sure it will bother you, and make your work at home increased.

To avoid the occurrence of the above, do the following practical tips. Take a few sticks of chalk, and then put the chalk in every corner of wardrobe at your house. Chalk will help reduce the moist air in your wardrobe. So that, your clothes that save inside your wardrobe will be spared from damage, caused by the fungus. For additional information, humidity in your wardrobe can also be caused by its location too close to the house bathroom.

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