One of the legendary band britpop, Suede, would rise from his sleep. They will split up had a reunion after saying in 2003. Reunion concert band consisting of Richard Oakes (guitar), Neil Codling (guitar and keyboards), Simon Gilbert (drums), Mat Osman (bass), and Brett Anderson (vocals), was greeted enthusiastically by the fans. Tickets held on March 20, 2010, already sold out. With these positive conditions, whether the band Suede album will be released again?

Brett Anderson welcomed the concert was so emotional. "There's nothing I can say. Tonight was so beautiful. I'm looking forward to this since seven years ago. Return to play music with them is fun," Anderson said.

As a warm-up, held a concert at 100 Club London, England. The main aim of the concert for charity. They were last concert at the 100 club, last time was 18 years ago. They were so excited to perform there. Suede personnel have a good memory in those clubs.

There are nineteen songs which will be hosted by Suede on this reunion concert. The songs were taken from the whole album Suede. Start the debut album, Self Tittled (1993), until the fifth album , A New Morning (2002). Including, track mainstay, Beautiful Ones. Anderson also played a solo on the song Stay Together, using an acoustic guitar.

Suede was formed in 1989. The band was known as one of the pioneers in the British-born music britpop.

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