Of the 30 football referee who was appointed by FIFA, to lead the 64 World Cup 2010 matches in South Africa, only four people a pure profession as a football referee. The rest come from a variety of professions. There are businessmen, the comptroller, insurance officials, teachers, hospital managers, salespeople, bankers, sociologists, lawyers, economists, wardroom, electrical engineers, auditors, until there is also a journalist. Nevertheless, their ability to lead a football game no doubt.

Europe get most referee quotas, they get 10 referee. Then South America (6 referee). After that Asia, Africa and CONCACAF Zone (each 4 referee), and the Oceania zone (2 referee). For the youngest football referee, is Ravshan Irmatov, from Asia.

The referees are people selected. In their hands, the quality and success of the 2010 World Cup South Africa at stake. Here is a list of World Cup 2010 football referee in South Africa.

  1. Mohamed Benouza (Algeria, businessman)
  2. Koman Coulibaly (Mali, the comptroller)
  3. Jerome Damon (South Africa, english teacher)
  4. Eddy Maillet (Seychelles, referee coordinator)
  1. Khalil Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia, teacher)
  2. Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan, football school instructor)
  3. Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (Malaysia, teacher)
  4. Yuichi Nishimura (Japan, referee)
  1. Olegario Benquerenca (Portugal, insurance professionals)
  2. Massimo Busacca (Switzerland, entrepreneur)
  3. Frank de Bleeckere (Belgium, public relations manager)
  4. Martin Hansson (Sweden, referee)
  5. Viktor Kassai (Hungary, manager sales)
  6. Stephane Lannoy (France, salesman)
  7. Roberto Rosetti (Italy, hospital managers)
  8. Wolfgang Stark (Germany, banker)
  9. Alberto Undiano (Spain, sociologist)
  10. Howard Webb (England, professional referees)
  1. Joel Aguilar (El Salvador, professor)
  2. Benito Archundia (Mexico, lawyer)
  3. Carlos Batres (Guatemala, scientists)
  4. Marco Rodriguez (Mexico, physical education teacher)
  1. Michael Hester (New Zealand, wardroom)
  2. Peter O'Leary (New Zealand, teacher)
  1. Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay, electric engineer)
  2. Hector Baldassi (Argentine businessman)
  3. Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay, clerks)
  4. Pablo Pozo (Chile, auditors)
  5. Oscar Ruiz (Colombia, lawyer and lecturer)
  6. Carlos Simon (Brazil, journalists)

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