A famous actor, Sir Ian McKellen, showing exceptional quality of acting in several films. For example, the role of Gandalf in the film The Lord of the Rings, or Magneto in X-Men. But, it seems that the role currently played by him most closely with him.

70 years old actor is now involved with theatrical Waiting for Godot, in Melburne, Australia. quoted from the Daily Mail, when he was resting outside the Comedy Theatre after rehearsals sessions. A costume worn clothes, he wore still at rest.

At the time sit back, suddenly one came over to McKellen. People are giving coins, thinking that McKellen is a street beggar. McKellen was surprised and amused. He is then to update his status in Twitter account. "When do rehearsals, Godot, I'm out of the building for a breath of fresh air. I put a cap on the bottom, in the open state. Then there is a come and ask 'Do you need help, friends?" putting a dollar into the hat to him, "wrote McKellen.

Feel funny with those moments, McKellen continues its action, pretending to be a beggar. Several people who passes in front of him, finally giving fragments of dollars to McKellen as a form of sympathy. McKellen hopes that the theater audience in Melbourne is a generous people.

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