Renowned actress and supermodel, Tyra Banks, has a new profession. Stars who appeared as a cameo in the film Hannah Montana: The Movie, it signed the Agreement is a contract to write a fantasy novel series about the world of modeling. According to the company's publisher, Delacorte Press, creator and HOS competition reality show titled America's Next Top Model is going to write three books.

Women born in Inglewood, California, USA, December 4, 1973, it has completed her first book titled Modelland. The novel revolves around a teenage girl who wants to prove his ability to the public, by studying at the academy model. The novel will be published summer 2011.

Previously, Victoria's Secret lingerie model, was never written a book called Tyra's Beauty, Inside and Out in 1998. Through its website, Banks writes about his new novel. "I addressed it to all the girls, and those who want more fantasy in their lives," explained the girl.

Delacorte Press, describes the novel Modelland raise issues. Start your friendship and human relationships, until about swindle women of all ages. Last January, Banks announced it would end a television talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, which he brought, in this year. Subsequently, she launched her own production house, Bankable Studios.

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