Using the back of the number 10 is not an easy thing for football players. Was adopting a tough role, but to score a goal, must also be a mainstay of a football team. Like the famous players in the history of soccer, for example Zinadine Zidane, Roberto Baggio, Diego Maradona, and Pele.

Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan to be the last heir to the back of players numbered 10, who left in 2010 World Cup, South Africa, which originated from Latin America. For players who previously referred to as a potential successor to El Diez (call backs players numbered 10) from Argentina and Brazil, have already lost first in the previous round.

Ricardo Izecson dos Satos Leite, or a familiar summoned Kaka, failed to show its best performance in South Africa. Whereas previously, one of the most expensive Real Madrid players are predicted to continue the success of players numbered 10 backs, such as Pele, Zico and Rivaldo. It turns out that hope vanished, after the Brazilian team defeated by the Netherlands. Tragically Kaka failed to score even one goal.

Likewise with Lionel Messi, from Argentina team. Year 2009 the world's best players have to lift this suitcase from South Africa, after his team was defeated by Germany, with the score 4-1, in the quarter-finals. Messi also failed to make goal.

So it's not wrong to hope to repeat the successful tradition back 10 players numbered from Latin America lies with Forlan. Of the five times World Cup appearance in 2010, Atletico Madrid striker has been successfully scored three goals against the opponent.

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