The World Cup always breeds soccer stars who shone during the tournament was held. Here are some players who have demonstrated their quality in the World Cup 2010 South Africa.

This goalkeepers may not have the skill level of Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon, or other famous goalkeeper. However, his contribution to the Ghanaian team actually very important. Remembering The Black Stars do not have a great defender to survive. Kingson, you could say the team key to the success of Ghana, through the quarter-finals.


Hope of Netherlands team to Arjen Robben is very big. Although he suffered injuries, still coach Bert van Marwijk took him to South Africa. This Bayern Munich wing attacker, was a disappointment treatment, the appearance of a pragmatic Netherlands team. Versatility and speed dribbling, always inviting admiration for football lovers.

Keisuke HONDA
Japanese players are smart conquer Jabulani, the official World Cup ball in 2010. He scored the opening goal when the Japanese team defeated Denmark with the score 3-1, through a free kick with a distance of 27m. Football players who take advantage of this one was clever free-kick. Slowly but surely, Honda became the Asian footballer of the most popular.

Mark van BOMMEL
Every football team must have taken a hard-working player whose job is to block the movement of opposing players. This task is carried out properly by Mark van Bommel. Remarkably again, these players have done very well, even just getting a yellow card twice from the referee. Van Bommel even deserve to be called as a key player from the Dutch team. Fair if he was nominated as the owner of the team armband, after Giovanni van Bronckhorst retirement.

This Mexican players is the fastest football player, with a top speed of 32.15 km per hour when running. Although often a reserve player in the Mexican team, Hernandez performed very well and scored the goal classy to France and Argentina.

Overall, the appearance of the German team at the 2010 World Cup was very great. However, not difficult to see the importance of Thomas Mueller's appearance, against the German squad. He was only stepping 20 years. But he can score five goals against opponents, including the Argentine goalkeeper who is the son of fruit Maradona.


This is the most important players in the Uruguay team, so that makes this team go through the World Cup semi-final, after forty years. Diego Forlan is a good role model for the majority of the team is strengthened by the young players. Diego Forlan off 32 shots during the World Cup this time, and he managed to score five goals. The best goal is the volley goal when Uruguay faces Germany.

If it were not for David Villa, Spain may not be able to drive to win the World Cup champion. Throughout the tournament, Villa scored five goals. The goals he scored to make the total to 43 goals, from 64 cap, only one goal difference from Raul Gonzalez, the holder of record goalscorer national team players today.


Iniesta make very important goal for the Spain national team. Goals were made at the last minute extra period to the Netherlands goalkeeper, and made Spain win and gain the world title. Not only that, Iniesta is an important player of the Spanish team, he has excellent ball control is often make troublesome of defender opponent. These players could make the Spain team game more lively.

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