Implementation of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa presents things that very interesting and memorable. The following are things exciting and historic event during this four-yearly event.

During the implementation of the 2010 World Cup almost everyone always carries a plastic trumpet which is better known by the name vuvuzela. FIFA refused to ban the use of vuvuzela. Even some journalists assigned to cover until someone mentioned that it was "equipment from hell". The fact is indeed vuvuzela voice echoed like a bunch of mosquito and can not be stopped during the World Cup match was held.

The official World Cup balls are often greeted with criticism. However Jabulani, a ball that is used for the 2010 World Cup is indeed the most widely criticized. The players and coaches many say that the new ball is too wild and difficult to control. Consequently, many fatal mistakes made by players, one of which is England goalkeeper Robert Green.

The fifth World Cup for Maradona
During the preparatory team, Diego Maradona as Argentina coach a lot of criticism, because the appearance of the Argentine team during the qualification round is not convincing. Argentina steps stopped at the quarter-finals, after the defeat by Germany. Everyone ended up not questioning the achievements scored by Maradona care team.

Paul, the octopus
Paul, actually is an octopus who was born in Weymouth, England. But his name more famous in Germany, after successfully with accurate guessing all game results conducted by the German team. Of the seven games conducted by the German team, Paul the octopus can guess and it's all true. Even when asked to predict the final match between Spain against the Dutch, Paul guess was right.

Hand of God part II
Luis Suarez perform brilliantly rescue in front of goalkeeper using his hands. Because he is a striker and not a goalkeeper, he's finally getting a red card and was sent off. Uruguay finally managed to beat Ghana and go into the semifinals.

Trendy coach
Prior to the 2010 World Cup, German coach Joachim Loew has been known as a dapper-looking figure coach and are identical to use a scarf. However, when the game started, the German coach look stunning with the blue sweater v-neck collar.

Lampard's goals are not considered valid
After struggling hard in the preliminary round group, the England football team meet an old enemy, Germany. England finally defeated by Germany with a score of 1-4. Whereas Frank Lampard should have scored first-half equalizer to 2-2, but the goal is not in the pass by the referee. This case is made President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter promised to open discussion of the use of technology in football.

Robbie Earle
Robbie Earle was actually a journalist from ITV, but its action gives a free ticket to 36 women with mini orange dress causing big problems. Because of the 36 women are considered to be in violation Ambush marketing, while the match Denmark against Netherlands. Because their dresses using a beer company sponsors from the Netherlands.

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