The great football team that never became World Champion. The label has been back extended by the Netherlands at the World Cup 2010 South Africa. The label is actually no change in meaning. But of course, the bitterness still felt, both for the people of Netherlands, as well as for supporters around the world.

The defeated by Spain, providing a third failure for the Netherlands to become a champion, from three times the opportunity gained by the Netherlands, during the World Cup was held. The failure before is on World Cup1974, and 1978. But this defeat to be proud of, because after high effort and a good game that has been shown by the Netherlands national football team. The game is done with a good defense, and occasionally loud, but quite effectively utilize counterattack, so that in the Netherlands almost won the match.

Netherlands may be wishing, if only Arjen Robben managed to take advantage of good opportunities on minutes 62, or if only Johnny Heitinga is not rewarded red card on minutes 109, surely World Champion will be successfully achieved.

However, these factors also caused by a large number of yellow cards received by the Netherlands players, because the game is hard enough. At the time of the match, led by British referee, has come out 14 yellow cards, yellow cards and nine of these are for the Netherlands players.

In goal position, Spain is very worthy to be World Champion. Because the Spanish team also played well during the game, and master the goal position during the game. But as the final game, one team must win and another team there must be loss. For this World Cup 2010, Spain football team finally success to beat the Netherlands with the score 1-0, at the last minute of second round extra time, with very interesting match.

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