After defeated by Germany with a lot of different score 0-4 in World Cup quarterfinals in 2010, at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa, leaving a deep wound to coach Argentina, Diego Armando Maradona. Sadness still visible on face of Maradona during a press conference after the big match. The atmosphere is what makes the Argentine football legend does not have the energy to think again, or decide what will he do in the future with the Tango team after this sadness conditions.

49 years old coach needs a lot of time thinking before deciding whether to continue the job as Argentina coach, or would resign. Because he said if you still need time to talk with many parties. To be sure, Maradona feels indebted to the Argentine Football Federation (AFA), and a loyal supporter of Tango team, the great trust given to him over the years.

Maradona was so confident before the football team was defeated by the German pride, with a score that is final. As the match entered the last minute Maradona was seen shaking his head and stared at disbelief with Lionel Messi and team games.

Maradona appointed coach of Argentina in late 2008, after Alfio Basile resigned. The appointment of Maradona is reaping the pro and contra, because he did not have the experience to coach the national team of any country before. Legendary Boca Juniors are even sharper because Argentina had criticized halting when undergoing CONMEBOL qualifying zone. Tango team had to fight hard in the last match to ensure a ticket to South Africa. They finally escaped after four ranks below Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay.

The defeat in the World Cup quarterfinals in 2010, was recognized by Maradona as the saddest event in his life, except when he decided to retire in October 1997. Although not yet determined the next steps, the former Napoli star above suggests would resign.

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