After creating a furor over his predictions are correct in guessing game the German national soccer team in World Cup 2010, South Africa, Paul, the octopus, it looks like will soon be released from those obligations. Animal lovers organization (PETA) are strongly opposed to exploitation of Paul, the octopus, to predict football games. They insisted that Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, which has been the home Paul, stop doing it. In his protest campaign, PETA also accused the Sea Life Aquarium has capitalized on Paul, in search of wealth.

PETA adds, Paul other like an octopus, an invertebrate animal that is very sensitive, and has a complex way of thinking. These animals also have memory sharp and clever observations. PETA is expressly asked Paul soon released into their natural habitat, ie in the sea, not in a small pond like so far.

But PETA is the desire to get tough resistance from administrators Sea Life Aquarium. They judged that Paul is not going to survive at sea, because he was deemed not to be looking for prey animals themselves, but must be fed.

As known earlier, Paul, the octopus, making a scene after successfully guessed right all the German soccer team matches, World Cup 2010. Paul managed to accurately predict the Der Panzer will win against the Australian team, defeated by the Serbian team, won the Ghana team, win over England, beating Argentina, and lost to Spain.

Paul fortune by choosing one of the two shells, in a glass box, which mounted the flag football team. Paul usually does not take long to select a flag. But for the match Argentina against Germany, Paul took over an hour to figure it out. According to information, the octopus was successfully guessing 80% of the German football team matches.

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