Diego Forlan and team success, reaching the semifinal of World Cup 2010, South Africa, has been to unite all walks of Uruguay. Countries with a population of 3.4 million inhabitants, and 176.215 km2 area is being hit by World Cup fever. The reason is that Oscar Tabarez care team succeeds to the semifinals. Because, last time Uruguay had reached the semifinal of World Cup 1970 is on, in Mexico.

This World Cup 2010, was the fifth Uruguay appearance at the World Cup semifinals. In fact, Uruguay was once known as one of the strengths of the Latin American soccer. Charruas (nickname Uruguay) had twice won the World Cup, in 1930 when he became the host, and in 1950 in Brazil.

The success of Uruguay reached the semifinal, as if lifted back name of Uruguay as one of the strongest Latin American soccer. So far, Uruguay seemed to sink among the big names such as Argentina and Brazil. Yet when he was victorious, Uruguay never embarrass Brazil with a score of 2-1 in front of supporters, in the MaracanĂ£ stadium, Rio Janeiro. A total of 193 850 Brazil silent supporters saw Uruguay bring Jules Rimet trophy for the second time, in 1950.

Not surprisingly, all Uruguayan citizens who had been separated as if by economic strata, political differences, and skin color, the team reunited to defend Uruguay in South Africa. Also remove the limit of football powers various political currents in the country. As is known, has been one of the big clubs Uruguay, Penarol, under the influence of former President Julio Maria Sanguinetti, the political wing "center-right". Meanwhile, Progreso, Uruguay, one of the clubs that came out as the season champion in 1989, under the influence of President Tabar Vazques the political wing "left-wing." Therefore, before the Uruguayan soccer team go to South Africa, President Jose Mujica trying to unite all the players of Uruguay, by holding a dinner party.

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