Country number eighth that won the World Cup finally answered in the Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg. In a dramatic game for 120 minutes, Spain could finally confirm itself as a world champion, after beating the Netherlands, with the score 1-0.

Before kick off began, the World Cup final in 2010 it had confirmed the birth of a new world champion. Finalists this season are the Netherlands and Spain, where the two countries have never been a world champion before. No wonder if the game is very sharp and full of emotion.

Spain team that has technical advantages, direct show possession football, through Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta. Then Netherlands counterbalance the game with a tough game and pragmatic. Mark van Bommel and his team play hard and making the referee Howard Webb had to work hard throughout the match. The referee blew his whistle at least as much as 47 times, as a sign of foul. Although the hard game of Netherlands make Spain players became frustrated, eventually the same factors that make Netherlands defeat. Johhny Heitinga got the second yellow card on 109 minutes, when half of extra time. Spain finally managed to score a goal after the red card, through Andres Iniesta.

Spain finally made new history like Germany team, which won the Euros and World Cup in succession. There is something unique. In celebration, the Spanish players have been wearing a team jersey coupled with an asterisk, as a sign of world champion. This condition was unusual. Italian who won World Cup in 2006, use the new t-shirt with four stars in September, its mean two months after becoming world champion.

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