Here is a list of players expected to shine at the World Cup in 2010, but failed to show its best performance in this highest football football tournament.


Wayne Rooney has always been a mystery in the World Cup. Like the World Cup in 2006, these players failed to show actual quality. Collection of 26 goals made in the Premier League, with Manchester United last season, can not boost his position becomes an important player for England. What happened, whether fatigue, or Fabio Capello to limit his creativity?

Patrice EVRA
Actually there is nothing bad with Evra Patirce appearance in the game. However, this player makes a fatal mistake that should not be a football player. He is mobilizing support to Nicolas Anelka, so that the French team practice strike, in protest against the coach. Patrice Evra was not only lose the position as team captain, but also get no sympathy from the public attitude of France.


Sometimes the player must know when he should retire. Italian defender appearances this looks very vulnerable, perhaps because of his age. Taking the time to play the position is often exploited by opponents. He is directly responsible for the majority of goals that nest in the Italian goalkeeper at the World Cup this time. A way to end his career at the World Cup with the bad.

Not easy to replace position of Zinadine Zidane on French team. This tournament should be an excellent introduction for Yoann Gourcuff to the international world after he performed well with Bordeaux Girondis in the Champions League. But Gourcuff be one factor behind the failure of the French team in qualifying. French media call these players arrogant, and not easily mix with other players.

Marcello Lippi has high hopes for this player. He is expected to be a key playmaker for the Italian team, after Andrea Pirlo suffered injuries. But he failed and could not show quality as well as at Juventus. He started two games of the Italian team, which is against Paraguay and New Zealand, but he always changed by other players in the mid of game. Marchisio also not played in the last game, when the Italy against Slovakia. With the improved performance Fabio Qualiarella, the new Italian coach will probably not count on him anymore.

Cristiano RONALDO

Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed a great player, but he failed to lift Portugal's team play in this 2010 World Cup. Portugal's team failed to score in three games, from four matches during the tournament. Worse yet, he did act improperly, with the camera spat, after the game ended.

Sani Haruna KAITA
World Cup held in Africa this is actually a good opportunity for Nigerian team. But they failed in qualifying, when they were winning team in the group other than Argentina. Public Nigeria, pointing Sani Kaita Haruna has a major role towards this failure. He was the first player to get a red card in the World Cup in 2010, when he kicked Vasilis Torosidis, Greek players. Public resentment distributed via email, with 1000 kinds of threats.

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