Over the past year, AKB48 is a best-selling Japanese music group in the world. Their musk product sales reached 16.3 billion yen. This amount is 5 percent of total sales in all of Japan. The fame of these girls beat music group Arashi, who two years earlier always ranks first.

AKB48 fame along with the boom in girl music group as well as in Korea. There are several reasons why music group that contains a beautiful Japanese girls are able to attract the attention of fans and is so popular. Here are three reasons why so AKB48 fame skyrocketed.

Girlband unique concept
Yasushi Akimoto is a figure that was behind AKB48. After successfully producing popular television shows like "Utaban" and "Oshare-ism" as well as writing songs, Akimoto create a simple but unique idea is to form a girlband which can be found directly every day.

The group recruited 48 young women whose age ranged from 14 to 24 years and divided into group A, group K and group B, each group containing 16 members. June last year, members of AKB48 grow even more with the inclusion of another 11 people representing the group 4. Reportedly group 4 members will be added again to 16 people. With a total of 77 members (along with members of the reserves are still a "trainee"), AKB48 is now listed in the Guinness World as the largest pop group.

Their performance can be enjoyed every day exclusively in AKB theater, in Akihabara, Tokyo (AKB stands for Akihabara). This location was chosen because it strategically. This is the electronic center, comics, anime movies and games. Well suited to imaging AKB48.

Besides appearing in theaters, hold a conference AKB48 fans often surprising, appearing in various commercials and television shows. The success of AKB48 can appear in many advertisements are caused by the proximity of the group with a large advertising agency Dentsu Inc.. While the latter certainly can not be separated from a strong network of Yasushi obtained previously as one television producer. Last year alone, there are three weekly television show about the AKB, namely: "AKBINGO!", "AKB Weekly", and "Naruhodo Highschool".

Group music that branched
Most of the pop group makes a smaller group to add a dynamic career. Examples are Sistar 19, which is a small unit of K-pop group Sistar. However, AKB48 or rather Yasushi Akimoto try another trick. He treats AKB48 as a local product per region or branch office is like.

For idol groups that can be enjoyed every day in Osaka, he created NMB48. SKE48 to Sakae, Nagoya, Fukuoka HKT48 for, SDN48 to the same location with AKB48 but the gig every Saturday night (SDN stands for Saturday Night, which is devoted to an adult audience. They are known as Adult Idol).

Project 48 became the group's most ambitious. Not only Japan, the originator of the idea began to widen the concept out of Japan. First is at Jakarta, Indonesia. Until now, JKT48 already have 28 members elected. In the year 2012 will be born too TPE48 or Taipei48, representing Taiwan. And future plans will be expanded to China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Fantasy Adult Men
Another thing that makes AKB48 become so popular is their target audience is so broad. With so many members, the activities of every member in various fields (music, theater, commercials, drama or advertising) and who became an idol of each person becomes highly variable.

Usually teenage girls idolize AKB48 fans because they want as their future and put a great interest in clothes that are used in each appearance. Meanwhile, AKB48 song (which is often invited to the sexuality and criticism) makes them popular among men. In the eyes of male adolescence, the image displayed by short skirts and school uniforms has given the impression adorable.

Among adult men, inevitably, AKB48 is a form of various fantasy to release their daily boredom. Including such figures in the novel Lolita Lolita Russian author Vladimir Nabokov's work.

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