Demi Moore who is now aged 49, reportedly admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night. As reported by Dailymail, Demi Moore was taken to hospital by ambulance at about 22:45. Artist allegedly suffered great fatigue.

One of Demi Moore's spokesman revealed that women who are taking care of a divorce with Ashton Kutcher allegedly suffered severe stress. Various problems that hit her, making her stamina is decreased dramatically and then sick.

"Because of the stress in her life today, for the sake of choosing to see a health professional to restore fatigue and health. He has started to recover and feel happy with all the support from friends and family," said the source.

However, TMZ had reported that the ex-wife of Bruce Willis should be treated for drug abuse. Related to this conjecture, the Demi Moore declined to comment.

Since the affair with Sara Leal revealed Ashton, Demi health condition is very apprehensive. Her weight dropped dramatically up to look like the living bone and skin. After some time struggling with the chaos of the household, Demi and Ashton finally decided to divorce.

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