One of the popular beverage in the world is softdrink. Soft drink is a beverage that is refreshing especially when served with ice. However, many who knew if the soft drink was not a healthful beverage and also contains some risks that can disrupt the body's health.

One is a soft drink containing artificial dyes, chemical smells carbonate, phosphoric acid, sweeteners, preservatives and caffeine. Softdrink sugar levels by an average of 8-12 teaspoons, a number of very dangerous for health.

Here are the facts hidden from the enjoyment of a bottle of soft drink beverages so that you consume it as necessary and prudent.

1. Destroy the essential minerals in the body
Soft drink made of pure water which can also destroy the essential minerals in the body. Mineral deficiencies that can cause serious heart disease (magnesium deficiency), osteoporosis (calcium deficiency) and more.

2. Can not relieve thirst
Apparently soft drink can not be used to relieve thirst. This is due to soft drink of water is not needed by the body. With still not supplying water into our bodies constantly, will lead to chronic cellular dehydration, a condition that weakens the body at a serious level.

3. Affect digestion
Caffeine and high amounts of sugar in soft drinks can stop the digestive process. This means the body's metabolism can be inhibited.

4. Can clean the rust
Soft drinks can remove rust from metal, for example on car bumpers and other metal objects. Well, the nature of this kind soft drink feared could interfere with the digestive function and other organs.

5. Drain the water content in the body
Soft drinks such as diuretics, which can suck the moisture content in the body. To expedite the processing of high levels of sugar in soft drink, a person should drink 8-12 glasses of water when they finished drinking a bottle of soft drink.

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