Jennifer Aniston is not playing in buying a house, recently. According to information, Jennifer dares to spend money of US $ 21 million for her new home. In accordance with the price is very expensive, these homes will be equipped with several luxurious amenities, such as 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 3 rooms with fireplaces.

In the new house there is also a swimming pool. This luxury mansion is located in Bel Air, California and designed by A. Quincy Jones, the famous architect from Los Angeles who came to fame in the 60's with a house full of modern design and a touch of nature.

Luxurious mansion that would become the property of Jennifer Aniston was standing on an area of 1.2 hectares. In addition to the above facilities, the house is also equipped with supporting facilities relaxation and a separate guest pavilion from the main house. The most interesting is the house will be equipped with a vineyard in the back.

To maintain the privacy of homeowners, a magnificent and hidden gate was established to complement the mansion. After passing through the main gate in the middle of large trees, residents or visitors have to walk a distance relatively far away to reach the wall of a second home in the form of orange colored doors. Along the road to home Jennifer Aniston is filled with shady trees with the order of a very nice garden lights, and shades of Japan in the spring.

Apparently, Aniston Jennifer well aware how important a home. Home is a place where a person spends time everyday. That's why Jennifer Aniston buying this house which complete with such facilities.

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