After completing filming the SBS drama 'City Hunter', the couple have revealed their relationship to the public during the summer of last year. Although Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho said their relationship with the word 'stop' some time ago, they were reluctant to reveal their split because they have to consider the position of their agency.

"It's been a while since the two met. Because it is embarrassing to directly reveal that they broke up and he had to consider the position of the agency." Said Park Min Young.

"They were strangers before Acting Awards 2011. For this reason, Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho had attended two different award ceremonies. Lee Min Ho went to SBS Acting Awards, while Park Min Young go to the KBS Acting Awards." Explained their agency.

The biggest reason the breakup, sourced from their work schedules are very busy. From the Park Min Young declared, "Park Min Young should be filming for KBS 'Man of Honor', and she did not have time to take a break. Lee Min Ho also be filming for the ads and attend events overseas and we know that he was very busy. Both of them can not meet often. "

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho's agency is still confirming the news with the actor as one representative expressed, "When we see reports that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young broke up, we do not confirm with him. If they broke up, Lee Min Ho will say to us and until now there has not been any stories of him."

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