Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic sucess to become the 2012 Australian Open tennis champion, after defeating Rafael Nadal, Spain, in the final game. The match was fierce and tight held at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia.

At the final party, Novac Djokovic takes 5 hours 53 minutes to beat Rafael Nadal. In a match that lasted five sets, points accumulated by Djokovic are 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 7-5, and 7-5. This game was also the longest game in the history of 107 years of Australian Open.

In the first set Djokovic scored the first point, after releasing a forehand that can not be returned by Nadal. Then Nadal responded with a strong service. Points to 1-1. Competition has been seen since the first set took place, at the time the world's best tennis players are trying to snatch points. Djokovic left by Nadal with points 2-4, he won the first set 5-7 with the final points.

Nadal leads the fourth set and tried to drop the mental Djokovic. At the third set points 4-4, heavy rain accompanied by lightning down. This resulted in the match had to be stopped for about 10 minutes. During the break, Nadal seems to try to restore his stamina and spirit. This he proved by winning the fourth set 7-5, after Djokovic failed to take a hard service to do Nadal.

In the fifth set, Nadal seems more clever play. Nadal off several attacks to Djokovic, which led to points for him. In the fifth set is also visible from exhaustion Djokovic to face Nadal attacks. At every point Nadal always tried to lead the game and gain more points.

The game becomes a draw 5-5 and heats up. Both Djokovic and Nadal looks more and more exhausted. But the chance to win starting to look by Djokovic as he returned fire to Nadal, with a strong service that is not reciprocated. Points to 6-5 to Djokovic.

The thunder of victory sound all over the field both inside and outside, when Djokovic create points of victory, at the 5th hour and 50th minute. After a very long struggle, Djokovic won the Australian Open Final 2012. Present at the handover trophy that night Rod Laver, tennis legend whose name is immortalized for the 2012 Australian Open field.

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