Energetic particles from the explosion of "flare" the first solar storm in 2012 which is quite strong that occurs on a day ago, has reached the earth. The solar storms impact on satellite operations. This strong enough flare is the first time since May 2005 or since seven years ago.

A fairly strong solar storm like this could potentially interfere with satellite operations, including the communications satellite. If that happens and can not well anticipated by the satellite operators the possibility of an interruption in the use of mobile phones, TV broadcasting, data communications, banking and other communications satellite users.

However, due to technological developments in average satellite operators have been able to anticipate such a storm. Another effect is a disruption in the ionosphere layer of earth which would interfere with radio communication HF/shortwave commonly used by remote communication, including by radio broadcasts such as BBC, VOA, or ABC.

Satellite based navigation, such as GPS accuracy could also be disrupted. Solar explosion that occurred recently is the M class solar storm blast, which is actually a middle class storm. However, because the strength of forces close to the extreme (class X), then the impact will be strong enough if the storm leads to the earth. The possibility of solar storm blast could still happen again because the sun is in the active phase.

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