Twitter provides the latest announcements regarding the application of the sensor to a message. Tweet (message) to be blocked is the message which formally requested by the government of a particular country. In its application, a blocked message could not be read in a country that prohibits such information, but can still be read in another country, outside the country requesting the blocking tweet.

Twitter also confirmed that they already have the technology to implement the blocking of the message. This is a step forward from the technology of Twitter, where previously they could only delete the message globally.

Twitter gives an example of a discussion on "pro-Nazi", which was banned by the government of France and Germany. So the messages on the issue will be banned in Germany. However, in applying censorship, Twitter still providing opportunities to other countries on freedom of expression.

Many Internet experts who strongly supports the steps taken by Twitter. They said that it is a prudent step, Twitter tries responsible for two things either comply with the laws of a country and also uphold the freedom of expression. Indeed, until now the blocking mechanism has not been described in detail. But the Twitter users who tweet them in block, will receive a notice from Twitter.

Actually, step to censor the content of Twitter messages so contrast to their attitude a year ago. When anti-government protests happend in Arab countries, coordination of demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries one of which is done through Twitter. At that time, Twitter said it would not interfere with the political problem.

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