Abramovich began to plunge into the world of football business with a very impressive start. Imagine, in just four years after the tycoon bought Chelsea shares in 2003, the club has won several trophies, including the two Premier League trophies, two League Cups, one FA Cup and Community Shield. At that time, Chelsea coached by Jose Mourinho.

However, in recent matches seen that Chelsea are being shuffled and always difficult to get a victory in their match. Even in the six games in a row, the football team from London had never even tasted victory. A very bad record for a team like Chelsea.

Chelsea game starting to look boring when the team was coached by Andre Villas Boas (AVB), who chosen to replace Carlo Ancelotti. But the main problem is actually from the team coach. The destruction of Chelsea game today is a culmination of problems that exist in the team that has been accumulated over several seasons. Just imagine, only in the past five years, Chelsea has changed its coach for six times.

Apparently, the high ambition of the owner who caused the team to be like to lose direction. For Roman Abramovich, football team who called success is a team that capable of reaching the Champions League trophy. Jose Mourinho that has managed Chelsea to get some prestigious trophy is still considered a failure by the owner because not succeeded to offer Champions League trophy.

Chelsea have not been successful to get the Champions League trophy, making Abramovich became impatient. Same reason which makes Mourinho had to get away from the Chelsea coaching chair. But ironically, even Jose Mourinho won the second Champions League trophy of his career as a coach, with the team of Inter Milan.

Abramovich may be too ambitious. Success in business made him lose orientation while others struggled in the business of football. He did not realize that the Champions League is a unique competition. List of champion club filled only by a little. Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Liverpool and Ajax Amsterdam is the most subscribed champion. Even, Manchester United were often difficult to win this elite event. And as well as Chelsea, technically Manchester United deserved to win the competition on the European level.

By parameter that a success coach is who can lead Chelsea to Champions League glory, Chelsea will be more difficult to embrace the ambitions of Abramovich. Football business can not be built in flash. Several years ago, a British coach Alan Curbishley and George Graham from Scotland said that the successful businessman who took over ownership of football clubs do not realize how unique the business of football.

Curbishley and Graham are similar in a separate opportunity to say football is a business that is very different from other businesses. It is related to culture, loyalty and processes. Achievement will not be achieved in a short time as cooking instant noodles. A club owner should be able to be patient and not be tired trying to keep his team doing well in many competitions.

The Blues is likely to be more often dealt with a new coach. Substitution coach who too often would make it difficult for their players. They have to adapt again and definitely takes time. This too that had been voiced by senior Chelsea players, when Ancelotti choose as a new coach in 2009. The players need a place to play an enabling not filled with turbulence. Now it's up to Abramovich, he would build a team with a patient or not.

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