Argentina will report the UK, over the disputed Falkland Islands to the United Nations. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, yesterday accused the British doing the colonization of the island, which they call the Malvinas Island.

The Argentine president has asked their foreign ministers to protest the militarization of Britain, to the UN Security Council. She said that this military action would threaten the national security of Argentina. She also added that Argentina is one of the richest natural resources in the world.

Argentina's anger peaked after the end of last week Britain sent warships HMS Dauntless to the dispute. Along the vessel, was also present British Crown, Prince William. At that time the Crown Prince was working as search and rescue helicopter pilot.

Although the UK explained that the arrival of the ship was merely a routine matter, this incident raised tensions ahead of 30 years of the Malvinas War. Argentina also criticized that the UK has moved the submarine with nuclear weapons into the region. But until now the British goverment did not confirm the issue.

Responding to Argentina's anger, a spokesman for British Prime Minister's office said there was no military action in the South Atlantic ocean. He added that the citizens of Falkland choose voluntarily to become British citizens. There is no agreement with Argentina on the sovereignty of the island, without the consent of the people there.

Last week, British Ambassador to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant, wrote a letter of complaint against Argentina to the United Nations. Grant said that Argentina does not have a commitment to peaceful cooperation. One is the support of the neighboring country of Brazil, Uruguay and Chile to ban any flight to the Falklands from their airport.

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