High heels shoes can indeed increase the attractiveness of a woman who wearing it. A woman will look feminine and sexy when wearing high heels. That is one reason that makes a woman desperate to wear it in order to increase confidence, even though many of them feel uncomfortable.

However, many information is stated that wearing high heels is not a healthy habit. In fact a recent study conducted by researchers from Griffith University, Queensland, showed that wearing high heels can affect the gait of the wearer, even when the wearer is not currently using high heels.

The study was conducted on several women then divide them into two groups. The first group are the women who used to wearing high heels shoes with heels as high as 5 cm or more, as long as 40 hours a week within two years.

Meanwhile the second group are the women who always wear flat shoes. Researchers then asked all participants to walk without high heels, in order to assess whether there has been a change in the way they walk.

The researchers also asked all participants to walk on a runway that had been installed sensors as long as 26 feet to determine the pressure of each foot on the floor, along with the observed motion of joints and muscles. Of research methods, the researchers found that women who used to wearing high heels, have a different way to walk, even when they walk barefoot and when they switch to flat shoes.

Dr. Neil J Cronin, who is one of the researchers said that women who used to wearing high heels on most of their activity, making the position of the feet and ankles when wearing high heels will become the new standard for the joints and structures within the foot. The findings also indicate that women who used to wearing high heels is reported to take a shorter step in walking or running.

Having done the research, woman's leg muscle who used to wearing high heels was changed, becoming thinner and tense. As a result, the ability to walk and run quickly becomes less. Even Dr. Cronin also add high heels wearers are more likely to suffer from fatigue and muscle strain injury. Therefore, should the wearer of high heels give time on foot to get enough rest, from the tension caused when wearing high heels.

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