The latest version of Microsoft Windows mobile operating system will have more features. The new OS will be similar to Windows 8 which is used on computers and tablet PCs. The operating system will make its users feel convenience while transferring the application.

An information obtained from a video featuring Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President Windows Phone Program Management and apparently intended for staff at Nokia. Windows Phone 8 has codenamed 'Apollo' will be released after the 'Tango', continued update of Windows Phone 7.

According to Belfiore, the new operating system is supported systems Near Field Communication (NFC). In addition, the display screen resolution is also different than before and available storage space in a separate microSD. Improved synchronization of data also allows the collection of music and Xbox games will be transferred seamlessly between computers and mobile phones.

In a document that also leaked last year, Microsoft said it is preparing for the introduction of 'super phone' at the end of 2012. Windows Phone version of 'Apollo' will be designed for this device. Although there is no clear definition of 'super phone', the latest generation mobile phones will be accompanied by a high-definition screen, multi-core processors more powerful with the A15 ARM architecture and connectivity via mobile broadband next generation.

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