Quality sleep is extremely beneficial to health. However, because of busy and many minds, many people who struggle to sleep well. The burden of thinking that too many pat on the head is one factor that cause people do not sleep soundly. Similarly, the lack of sleep because the number of office jobs that carry over to the house.

People who sleep less will increase the risk of health problems like diabetes, hypertension and stroke. Lack of sleep can lead to increased risk of depression and lead to obesity. Even lack of sleep can make the skin is broken because of increased hormone cortisol, which break the collagen.

To avoid the above health problems and to get better sleep quality, there are simple steps that can be done. Here are his tips to help you sleep more soundly.

Comfortable sleeping environment
Sleep is an essential activity in everyday human activity. Sleep helps maintain a healthy body and mind. Thus, it is not wrong if we invest a little for this. Select bedding, pillows and mattress that comfortable for you. Curtains that can reduce the sting of sunlight is also good to be installed in the bedroom. Comfort of one's sleeping environment is certainly different from each other. For the sake of a fresh mind and body healthy, try to create a comfortable atmosphere according to your own taste.

Make little quirks that make the body recognizes it's time to sleep. Two hours before bed try to relax a little and not too busy. Leave work, television, and household chores if possible. Let your body relax and start preparing for the rest. Warm bath, reading a book, or chatting casually with a pair can be selected to calm the body.

Limit technology equipment
Laptops, cell phones or other gadgets should be stored at bedtime. Let your body relax and away from the influence of electronic signals as well. After a day struggling with the flagship gadget, you should be willing to split up a while before bed. In addition, check email before bed can work can make you continue thinking about your work for tomorrow. Too many thoughts at bedtime can make it difficult to sleep.

A recent survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation said that many adult Americans who now lack of sleep due to gadgets. Exposed body of the gadget can suppress production of melatonin, the body needs. The hormone melatonin is very important to make sleep more soundly, enhance mood, and makes the body more relaxed.

Limit foods
Avoid smoking or beverages containing caffeine and alcohol in the evening. Awake effect produced by caffeine can last up to 12 hours at least. A big meal at night in addition to adding fat in the abdomen are also often makes it difficult to sleep because your body processes the food is still active. At bedtime, drink less intake to avoid urinating awakened. Maximize the drinking water in the morning until late afternoon. Late in the afternoon so as not to limit the consumption of water in the middle of the night disrupts sleep.

Turn off the lights
Quality of sleep will be better in a dark room. But avoid the clock with bright lights or objects that emit more light in the bedroom. Body is more accustomed to recognize the light when a person is active. The presence of light in the room can make the body stay active and make us not sleep too soundly.

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