Until last week, the death toll from the coldest temperatures in Europe over the past few decades has reached 220 people. Though extreme winter continues in Europe until now. The most severe suffering would be experienced by the homeless or bum. An example is what happened in Ukraine, most of the victims of cold temperatures are the homeless who was found dead in the streets. They died because of late to get help.

Last week, the Ukrainian government reported 131 people dead. A total of over 1,000 people being treated in a limited number of hospitals and facilities. They average suffered hypothermia and frostbite. To overcome that limitation, the Ukrainian government set up 2,000 tents equipped with heating and food. So the homeless could live temporarily in tents and get free food provided by the government.

The issue of homelessness in a very cold winter is also faced by the Polish government. Spokesman of the Polish government, Malgorzata Wozniak, also said that the country's biggest victim is homeless. With the influence of alcohol, many homeless people live in buildings without heating. They were ultimately not stand the cold temperatures that reached 32 degrees Celsius below zero and they died without a chance to get help.

In the Polish capital, Warsaw, last week the temperature reached minus 22 degrees Celsius at night. The local government then provides specific homeless shelter called Monar. In the shelter, it is available clothes dryers and warm soup bowls.

Many of the homeless who find it helpful, given the special shelters. Until recently informed the homeless that are in place has reached 278 people. In addition, the number of homeless people who died making the Polish authorities asked the public to lend a helping hand to the homeless. The residents are expected to provide relief to accommodate the homeless are in their homes for a certain time.

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