On the 50th anniversary of the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba was greeted coolly by the people in the country. Most of the people of Cuba said that the embargo is a failed policy which only makes their lives more difficult. according to them, if the embargo was lifted they will likely live a little better than today. Lifting of trade embargo will also increase pressure on the Cuban government which has always been sheltering from their mistakes, by accusing the US sanctions as the cause.

On February 7, 1962, partial economic embargo and later became almost total embargo occurred under the leadership of President John F Kennedy. It aims to increase pressure on young Cuban leader, Fidel Castro who at the height of the Cold War, he was allied with the Soviet Union. US under the Kennedy administration was hoping that the trade embargo would disrupt the Cuban economy and undermine the government of Fidel Castro.

After half a century and the US has done as much as nine times a change of President, Castro is still there even after retirement. His younger brother, Raul Castro, now the leader of the country. Communist system they created is still valid. However, the economic embargo is still in effect for the country, in the Caribbean within 145 miles of Florida, US.

A pensioner in Cuba, Juan Jorge Castillo, said that the economic embargo on Cuba only made goods of life becomes difficult to get by Cuban people. If there are goods that they need, these items would cost more for the common people in Cuba. The economic embargo would complicate the lives of ordinary people there.

If for the group of critics, the policy is deemed a failure, it is different for the supporters of that policy. Proponents point out that the economic embargo is a step that can be justified for a government that has a repressive policy. They consider Cuba will continue to be a problem for Washington. However, all parties admitted that the policy that has lasted for 50 years does not achieve the primary mission is to overthrow Fidel and Raul Castro.

A young diplomat who has worked in Havana in 1961, Wayne Smith, said that the economic embargo is still maintained, though the time has long passed. He again became a diplomat after the relationship was restored under President Jimmy Carter. Smith pointed out, if China has normal relations with Vietnam, but the US is still in touch with them, why not the same with Cuba. Geoff Thale, Washington Office Director of the Agency for the study of Latin America also said that the US was time to move from the economic embargo. According to him, Cuba today is changing and the US should not just be a spectator only.

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