Katy Perry and Russell Brand finally agreed to divorce. Perry declined to sign the divorce papers are presented by attorney Brand. However, the letter was legitimate in the eyes of the new law if approved by a judge Marc Marmaro at the California court, on June 30, 2012.

The decision was out less than six weeks after Brand filed divorce papers or the day after Perry issued a statement about the financial agreement between them. The celebrity couple that their marriage age can only last 14 months has been agreed to separate their assets. Brand will not tamper with the Perry property worth US $ 44 million, collected during their marriage. On the other hand, Brand also has a wealth of around US $ 5.3 million.

Just because they did not sign a prenuptial agreement, Russell Brand will get quite a bit of marital property. That's because California law requires that a divorcing couple to divide property acquired during their marriage. Each providing 50 percent of owned.

One interesting thing of percerian letter dated February 8, 2012 when Perry was still showing her humorous side. The singer not only signed, but also add a smiley icon at the bottom of the signature. That in accordance with the wishes of Brand to keep the divorce process does not hurt both sides. In addition to stating the separation of wealth, divorce letters also stated that since splitting from Brand, Perry would use the original name before marriage that is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

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