Russian billionaire who owns Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich always keeps his prestidge. Although in business, he had suffered a loss of up to 13 million billion pounds, it does not preclude his intention to buy a giant-sized yachts and luxury, worth 300 million pounds.

Yacht that has the name Eclipse was created and manufactured in Germany by a company Blohm & Voss shipyard. Reportedly yacht was deliberately manufactured to beat the yacht owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Eclipse is the fourth yacht owned by Abramovich. Previously, the tycoon already has four yachts named Sussurro, Ecstasea and Pelorus. Sussurro 160 feet in length, Ecstasea 282 feet and Pelorus 377 feet.

While the yacht Eclipse has a larger size up to 557 feet. Regarding facilities, this yacht is truly luxurious and complete. Among others, have a detection system of missiles, two base helicopters, luxury spa, swimming pool and a small submarine. There is also a small boat put in a bigger boat. The submarine was built only has two seats, one for Abramovich and one for his girlfriend. Eclipse has room for 24 guests, cinema, aquarium, disco and even hospital.

Not only that, the yacht is also equipped with luxurious rooms for the owner when it will go away. And the last window on each yacht is bullet-proof windows. It's really incredible. So do not be surprised if this yacht price is exorbitant.

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