Tablet PCs are cheap with a pretty nice feature is now circulating in the UK. Operating systems used by the tablet PC that is Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The price is pretty cheap under 100 pundsterling. That Disgo 7000 made in Ireland, which chose UK as their primary market.

In terms of appearance, Disgo 7000 similar to Kindle Fire with screen 7 inch. But at first glance, this tablet PC is also similar to the iPad from Apple. The resemblance is not accidental. Edge of the screen is jet black with a glossy screen that is easy to leave fingerprints. The tablet PC display looks elegant. Only when viewed from behind, tablet PC is a low-cost visible.

With a thickness of 10.55 millimeters, Disgo 7000 seemed thinner than most other low-cost tablet PCs. 7-inch wide screen makes this tablet is very convenient to handle and easy to carry anywhere including inserted into the bag. Unfortunately, the density of the screen is only 800x480 pixels or far below most of the 7-inch tablet, which has reached 1024 x 600 pixels.

Return to home page button at the bottom center position, when the tablet PC is in portrait position. While the Power, Home, Menu and Volume buttons is placed on the right side. 3000mA battery life quite ordinary and not very special. When playing videos nonstop, the battery can only last for 3 hours.

As for the connectivity, this tablet PC features a fairly comprehensive. In addition to micro-SD port, Disgo 7000 equipped with a mini HDMI port to watch the video on the TV screen to a wider definition. The interesting thing is this tablet is not only equipped with one mini-USB port. But there are two ports located at the bottom.

One of the USB which is located in the center of the tablet is a connector, which usually serves to connect the computer with a tablet. While the other port, used for the adapter provided in the sales box. With the relatively cheap price of course there are some features that are omitted. One is just having a resistive screen rather than capacitive. Resistive screens means no multitouch features, such as the zoom feature. When typing on the virtual keyboard feels less comfortable.

Other deficiencies found in the operating system used. Although Disgo 7000 using the Operating System Android Gingerbread, to PC tablets today the platform was already behind. Indeed at a price far below the Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad, do not expect this tablet can compete with the expensive brand. However, if the tablet computer needs limited to surfing the internet or playing games, Disgo 7000 could be a friend of entertainment companion for those who want to have a tablet PC with limited funding.

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