Arsenal have never run out of stock of a young star. Every season, even in the achievement of the team is not that great as today, the English football club is always bring up young players with brilliant ability. Arsenal players currently on the rise is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 18 years old.

The winger's name rocketed within 20 days. After three appearances for Arsenal, the player who was called the Ox was immediately deemed worthy of being called England's national team players. Robin van Persie, Arsenal striker also agreed that if Ox has a good prospect as a football star. For him, the young players are always able to provide something for Arsenal in every match.

The young player was sent as a starter for the first time when Arsenal were defeated 1-2 by Manchester United, on 22 January. At that time, he was replaced by Andrei Arshavin at minute 78. Substitution was made ​​coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has come under fire, because Oxlade-Chamberlain was playing good even just to give assist for Van Persie.

Praise for a player was becoming heavy, after playing nicely when Arsenal beat Blackburn Rovers 7-1 on 4 February. At that time he bought up two goals, which is also the first two goals in the Premier League. In the match, the player was also praised for his vision of a great game, fast, and his movements are very impressive.

Arsene Wenger also said that he is a top player. Even the coach was revealed, that he is reminiscent of Rooney or Fabregas. French coach was also pleased with the capabilities of this player, which can be placed in various positions. Ox can be placed as a central midfielder or second striker. He can as well move to the left and right, never even seen nerveous in his playing.

Born in Prortsmouth, Oxlade-Chamberlain received initial training at Southampton football academy. At the club, he started his professional career and had appeared 43 times by contributing 10 goals and 8 assists. He bought Arsenal on August 8, 2011. So far he has appeared 12 times for The Gunners in various competitions, by contributing 4 goals and 2 assists.

Wenger ensures that he will not be too much pressure on young players. For him the important thing is to find a balance and can foster a sense of confidence, but it does not need to give too much pressure.

Oxlade-Chamberlain feel very fortunate to be at Arsenal. Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie are player who idolized by him. He also was unsure if his future at Arsenal will be bright and the most important thing for him right now is working hard.

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