The most famous prebiotic foods in the world is yogurt. Even not uncommon for people to consume these foods every day. Yogurt contains live bacterial supplements that can improve the balance in the gut, so it's beneficial to maintaining health.

However, the actual yogurt is not the only prebiotic foods in the world. There are many other food sources around us is also a prebiotic foods that very easy to get. So if at some point we find it difficult to get yogurt, these foods can be consumed as an alternative for prebiotic foods.

Pickles food is also one of the foods which contain lots of prebiotics that useful for digestive health. Pickles are usually presented in China. In general the taste is sour, but there also not too sour pickles and even tend to be sweet so tasty to eat. Moreover, it is not uncommon that people do not like food that tastes sour.


Kimchi is a Korean food tastes sour and spicy. This food produced from the fermentation of vegetables. The content contained therein are vitamins, calcium and prebiotic. So no harm in consuming Kimchi for prebiotic foods.

Basically soy is also a food that contains some of the benefits of probiotics. An example is the soy milk. In the market, these have now a lot of soy milk which has added levels of active bacteria in it. Just like when buying yogurt, we also should ensure that the information contained on the packaging label 'live and active cultures'.

Kombucha tea
These teas are usually available at health food stores. Kombucha is including black tea which is known to increase energy and help the digestive system. Tea is healthy but also can be served either hot or cold.

Miso soup

This Japanese dish is a soup made of vegetable broth, with contents of a bit of tofu and vegetables. In general, these foods are low calorie dish but rich in probiotics and protein. Miso soup is much healthier than cream soups, especially the fast food cans.

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