Along with the increasing market competition and crowded tablet PCs sale worldwide, Toshiba began taking market share in sales of tablet PCs. They have recently begun to market their latest tablet PCs product called "THRiVE".

For starters, Thrive will be produced in two versions of the screen which is 7 inches and 10.1 inches. According to information from Toshiba, this new gadget will allow users to connect and share more easily compared to other devices. So the function of Toshiba's tablet PC is not just for surfing the Internet and check e-mail only.

Features contained in this tablet PC include LED-backlit display high-resolution HD-capable and Adaptive Display technology. The advantage is, lighting Thrive can adjust to the surrounding light conditions, so that users are more flexible to use it anywhere.

This tablet PC uses processor Tegra NVIDIA 2 dual-core. Another feature are powered by a dual camera and flash to enjoy the web. To the sound produced is also clear from the stereo speakers that have been perfected. Support an attractive feature enables users to more easily watch movies, read e-books, upload or view videos, and more.

Operating System is applied to the Toshiba Thrive is the latest Google Android which is easy to use for multitasking. As where the other Android devices, Thrive also offers full access to the Android Market. This new tablet PC from Toshiba will be marketed at prices ranging from US $ 379.99.

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