Carlos Slim Helu was the richest people in the world with total assets over Bill Gates and Waren Buffet. Image as the world's richest person is contrary to the image of Latin America are often synonymous with poverty. Carlos has accumulated his wealth of US $ 69 billion from Telecommunications business. The world's three major telecom companies that Telmex (Telefonos de Mexico), Telcel and Am, and rica M¢vil controlled by him.

Carlos was born in Mexico City on January 28, 1940, so now he is 72 years old as the descendants of the Middle East. His father named Yusef Salim Haddad is the Lebanese people. In 1902, Yusef who is a Christian Lebanon came to Mexico City after escaping from his own country. Meanwhile, Carlos Slim Helu started his business career at age 10 by selling sweets and drinks to his family and later made his name as a man with an aggressive investments during the crisis.

At first, his father was building supply store which was called La Estrella del Oriente (Star of the East). One day, Yusef dared to speculate businesses by purchasing some prime real estate in the city center. Yusef choice turned out to be very precise and immediately changed the economic life of his family. Yusef died in 1952. On the merit of his father, Carlos Slim Helu said that he was getting a lot of lessons about courage. With careful investments will earn positive profits in Mexico.

Carlos earned a civil engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1961. After that he had also taught Algebra and Linear Programming. In addition he also had taught at international institutions, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Carlos turned out to have talent like his courage. In 1990 he bought Telmex from the government by cooperating with Southwestern Bell Corp and France Telecom. When Telmex was very shaky condition. Undaunted, Carlos changing the losses company become a moneymaker company. He had been criticized for raising phone rates in the country. However, with determination to improve telephone service in Mexico, a connection offer local, long distance, cellular, internet and telephone directories, his hard work producing great wealth like today.

Telecommunications companies were able to achieve annual sales of up to 16 billion US dollars. Telmex is now transformed Mexico's largest telecommunications company. Not only that, Telmex recently listed as one of American well respected company in the New York Stock Exchange. Carlos business empire continues to grow. He is also the owner of Prodigy Inc, the third largest Internet service company in the US. Not only that, Carlos was now in control of financial companies, Grupo Financiero Inbursa, and the retail industry, Grupo Carso.

On February 2006, Carlos targeting CompUSA, a US company. Through his company Grupo Sanborns, Carlos bargain CompUSA amounting to US $ 800 million. He is also listed as a board member Philip Morris and SBC. The position of President New York Stock Exchange has also been entrusted.

A series of foreign awards ever achieved Carlos. In addition to Merit Medal of Honor from Mexico Chamber of Commerce, he also had been awarded the Golden Plate Award by the American Academy of Achievement, and the Leopold II Commander Medal from the Government of Belgium.

This Mexican tycoon again ranked first in the world of the rich by Forbes for three consecutive years with total wealth of US $ 69 billion from his core business in telecommunications. Although his fortune down compared to last year, Forbes estimated to reach US $ 74 billion, his wealth far above Microsoft founder Bill Gates who is expected to have a fortune of US $ 7 billion this year. Slim property slump could not be separated from the economy and the lowering peso devaluation

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