China is one country that is enchanting as a tourist destination and has its own unique culture. A country of more than 1.2 billion people offers a variety of sights worth of history, traditional culture to luxury.

Picture of modern China, among others clearly visible from the many skyscrapers that adorn the city of Shanghai. A number of luxury buildings that can be found is called the Tower of Shanghai or the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. There is also the tallest building in the city that has 100 floors, Shanghai World Financial Center.

Besides the attractions for tourists in the form of high rise buildings, Shanghai also offers natural attractions are no less interesting. The Bund is one of the attractions of nature, in the form of an old coastal path that runs past the east coast of the Huangpu River. Quite a busy tourist spot visited by the tourists offers a view of its own. You can enjoy the historic buildings and modern that lie around it.

One block from The Bund is Nanjing Road, a major shopping areas that must be wintering by travelers. You will be satisfied with a number of malls, shops, and restaurants that meet local and international along this road. As an alternative go to Yuyuan Market. Area dealers providing traditional craft items or souvenirs at prices that can be bargained.

The next tourist destinations that can be used as a reference is Beijing. Here you can visit one of the buildings included in the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall. Wall built thousands of years ago it was believed to be the only man-made object on Earth that can be seen from the moon with the naked eye.

Meanwhile, a high historical value contained in a number of attractions. You can find out the condition some years ago by visiting the Forbidden City. Existing royal palace since the days of the Ming and Qing was built in 1407. Also you can visit the Tian An Men Square, an open field that has a Monument People Heroes.

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