For the MacBook users who will buy the RAM, they should be understand a basic guide to match what is required. This is very useful especially for the novice users MacBook which has been more familiar with the notebook.

Basic guide
The following is an important consideration when buying a RAM of MacBook:

1. Speed
Some manufacturers of MacBook RAM using the units of MHz, but many also use PCxxxx (xxxx a number ranging from 100 to 10600).
PC 2700 = DDR 333 MHz
PC 5300 and PC 5400 = DDR2 533 MHz - 667 MHz
PC 10600 = DDR3 1333 MHz

2. Type
There are several types of RAM such as SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and others.
Make sure you know the type of RAM that needed.

3. Format
For the MacBook, make sure you buy RAM in SODIMM format, a special notebook RAM.

4. Total number of pins
Total number of pins affect the physical differences RAM itself, so for example Your MacBook wear 200pins would not be suitable for 240pins

5. CAS Latency
It's not particularly influential, because if you are using type and format that is appropriate for your Macbook, it will work normally even if the number of its CAS Latency lower.

6. Dual Channel
Most of Mac products especially above 2008 using a dual channel RAM. In some rare cases, installation of different size RAM, for example slot A = 2GB and slot B = 1GB can cause problems. But in most Macbook, installing different RAM size is not a problem.

Additional information
If seen in the market, the MacBook's RAM prices are relatively high, but actually Mac RAM and PC RAM are almost the same function. Apple uses RAM from several manufacturers such as Samsung, Hynix and others.

But to buy Mac RAM recommended not need to look for the cheapest. The product design Mac known as picky in using RAM. Using RAM that does not fit will cause problem such as application crashes, data corrupt, even logic board damage.

MacBook RAM required to be purchased is a certified "Apple Ready" on the packaging. By giving the certification on the packaging, this RAM manufacturers have been working closely with Apple for its development of RAM.

Better not buy a RAM with a higher speed than the provisions of the manual book, which is included on the MacBook. Because in fact it will not make the MacBook work faster. The reason is Mac uses the memory bus speed setting, not the RAM module. Even in some cases it has become incompatible.

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